LED Panels

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Here’s some info on our new LED Panels.

They’re from LED Cool Lights based in Dallas (made in China).  The panels have a 4 wire, common anode design.  They should be connected like this using IRF540; There is a good tutorial here.

Here is a demo movie of one I got working – running off an arduino.  Color isn’t true on the video, there is more range in person.

Protection Circuitry

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Ideas to run by sukandar:


Mechanical orchestra demonstration

Video Examples — Ali Momeni @ 7:56 pm

Liminal Surface, Ammerman Center Paper

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PDF is here.

Liminal Packing List (2/27/2010)

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David is bringing:

  • Liminal Surface (+ power cord, + ethernet cable (1 long 1 short) + power strip)
  • MacBookPro (+ power cord + vga adapter)
  • Metric Halo Mobile I/O (+ firewire cable + power supply)
  • Headphones for testing
  • Wireless Cameras (+ wireless receivers + rca cables + power supplies)
  • 1 Firewire Video Converter box (+ firewire cable)
  • Tools for construction / debugging (1 solder station, solder, multitester, multitool, small screwdrivers, wire strippers, black tape)
  • 3 RJ45 couplers (1 like the ones we’re using, 2 black slightly small but might work as temp replacements)
  • 2 replacement inside table RGB leds + 2 replacement drivers boards
  • Liminal Gadgets (7 photoresistor gadgets, 2 switch gadgets, 1 rotary solenoid gadget (needs rewiring), 2 xy joysticks, 1 turntable gadget, 1 squatting stian man gadget)
  • Liminal cutouts (2 standing trees, 1 biplane, 2 acrylic stian heads, 1 neuron)
  • 4 laser pointers
  • Table Setting gadgets (turkish finger cymbals, cymbal holders, tuned aluminum rods, rod holders)

Ali is bringing:

  • Liminal Surface (+ power cord, + ethernet cable (1 long 1 short) + power strip)
  • MacBookPro (+ power cord + vga adapter)
  • Audio interface (+ firewire cable + power supply)
  • Liminal gadgets (whatever you got – photosensors, rotary solenoids (we’ll rewire), 7x striker)
  • Liminal testing supplies (whatever debugging tools you’ve got – though I’ve already got a multitester)
  • Tools – perhaps a fine tip for the soldering iron – I’ve got a standard tip – the station is a weller digital.
  • PCB5s for David’s table + parts
  • Concert attire (I brought all black)


Gluion 3.3V to 5V logic level conversion

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aLib m4l: Liminal Surface devices

Software — Ali Momeni @ 5:22 pm

-ali.ls.7out.amxd: device for 7-out mega port
-ali.ls.grid-master.amxd: master device for all grid i/o
-ali.ls.grid.amxd: single device for a gird point (obsolete)
-ali.ls.grid2.amxd: single device for a gird point (obsolete)
-ali.ls.io.amxd: single device for udp IO; must be put in 1st track before grid-master
-ali.ls.metro-midi-notes.amxd: to test
-ali.ls.mixed.amxd: device for mixed i/o mega port
-ali.ls.RGBs: device for two inside the table RGB leds


New Block Diagram for PCB5 connectivity

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Corrected version of the block-diagram accounting for the fact that the two copies of PCB5 are identical (!) and therefore require analogous number.


This zip file includes the OmniGraffle file, a PDF and the above jpeg.

Explanation below…

PCB5 (with Colin) – Labeling

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Here are some labels that can be printed for use with the new PCB5.

PDF of the labels:    Liminal_PCB5_Labels

Zip file of the OmniGraffle Document:    Liminal_PCB5_Lables.graffle


Gridpoint Gadget Wiring Diagram

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